New Year. New Me.

I cannot believe that it is 2013. I honestly just got used to the fact that it was 2012. But here we are again, another year. Time definitely moves faster the older that I get. I have three semesters left in college… that blows my mind. I feel like I just started, and yet, my younger sister starts college in the fall.

This has been quite a year. So much has happened.

Turned 21. Moved back home. Ran my first 5k. Made a new best friend. Wakeboarded for the first time. Quit my old job. Started a new job. Tried on engagement rings. Made a 3.6 GPA to end my sophomore year. Had my first surprise birthday party. Lost my grandpa to cancer.  Went on a vacation to Nashville for the first time. Went to lots of weddings. Finally got an iPhone. Went to Michigan for the first time since we moved away. Caught up with old friends. Saw Carrie Underwood in concert. Spent lots of time with my Grammie.


It’s been a wonderful, hard, beautiful, sad, amazing, tough, INCREDIBLE year. God has worked in me in MANY ways. Through the good and the bad – HE HAS BEEN FAITHFUL. I cannot WAIT to see what He has in store for me in 2013.

I have learned to pray for HIS will in my life more often. Because ultimately, that’s what I want. I may think I want certain specific things/situations. But only He knows what is best for me. So I continue to pray for His guidance and direction as this new year begins. I know it will be an exciting one! There are lots of wonderful things coming up and I look forward to making the most of every moment He chooses to bless me with!

Even though most of them aren’t kept, I absolutely LOVE making New Years resolutions.

So, here goes for 2013:

  1. Be mindful of eating healthier.
  2. Work out at least 2-3 times a week (and grow from there).
  3. Get involved in a bible study.
  4. Learn how to bake/cook better.
  5. Start playing the piano again. 
  6. Wear confidence like it’s an accessory.
  7. Go back to Haiti.
  8. Be better with spending time with the Lord daily.
  9. Keep my priorities in check. 
  10. Spend more time with my family.
  11. Drink more water. 
  12. Live up to the legacy my grandpa left behind.
  13. Be more intentional with my family, friendships & relationships.
  14. Spend quality time with my Grammie. 
  15. Save more money. 
  16. Act on my knowledge of the importance of church involvement, fellowship & community.
  17. Be BOLD in my faith & take the opportunities the Lord provides for me to share His love.

With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” – Matthew 19:26




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