In the Business

God has been teaching me something lately. And when I say lately… I’m using that term lightly. It’s taken a long time for it to actually click and for me to truly believe it. But our God is so faithful. He never gives up on us. I know, because of my fleshly nature, that I will be forgetful of this and He will be faithful to remind me that…

everything in my life is as it is FOR A REASON. 


I have each job that I do for a reason.

I am living at home for a reason.

I belong to the family I do for a reason.

I live in the city I do for a reason.

I look the way I do for a reason.

I have the abilities/talents I do for a reason.

I go to the college I do for a reason.

I have the boyfriend I do for a reason.

I have lived in 3 different states for a reason.

My summer plans are the way they are for a reason.


I am thankful to God for revealing these truths to me. Because, let’s play 1, 2, 3 honesty for a second.

I have a problem with longing for other people’s lives. Not that I necessarily want to be them… but being jealous that I cannot have those opportunities myself. And it is one thing after another…

I wish I had the money to have those nice clothes. I wish I could study abroad in Europe like they can. I wish I could be as skinny as that girl. I wish I could have that internship. I wish I could drive that nice car. I wish I could buy almost anything I wanted without having to save up for it. I wish I had free time to lay out every day. I wish I could afford to live with friends my senior year. I wish I could travel to that place. I wish my family did things like that family. I wish I still had my grandparents around like they do. I wish I was married like these people. I wish I didn’t have to pay for my car. I wish I had this relationship with my parents like they do. AND THE LIST GOES ON…

But… why?

Why do I wish for all that? Because I think it’ll make me happy? Seriously?! Is that it…? Because deep down, I know it won’t. The greatest satisfaction we can ever feel can only come from our Lord Jesus Christ. God created us with a DESIRE and a true NEED for Him in our hearts. That longing can NEVER be fully satisfied by clothes, experiences, people, traveling, marriage, cars, money, etc.


This morning, I was having a quiet time and the Lord spoke to me. He reminded me that He has me exactly where He wants me. And I feel like this morning, I finally accepted it. Not only that, but I embraced it. And I asked myself this, “Why would I want to be anywhere other than where God wants me to be?” My answer? I wouldn’t.

If all of those things above came true…if I was as skinny as a supermodel, if I had perfect clothes, if I had the nicest car, if I had a lot of money to travel, if I lived an “ideal life,” etc… I still wouldn’t be fully satisfied. I would only be feeding temporary desires. None of those things bring lasting joy. Listening to the world telling me that I need to have the nicest things, the most perfect body, the ideal job and the picture perfect life is listening to LIES.

I truly want to please Him. At times, I was believing that if I could live on campus maybe I could bring God more glory because (insert reasons here). Or if I had this much money I could bring God more glory because (insert reasons here). But the truth is, that God has me right where He wants me because THIS is where I have the potential to bring Him more glory.

You see, God is in the business of His Glory. He knows He deserves the highest glory. He is God! He is going to put me where He needs me to be in order for Him to receive the most glory. There is PURPOSE in where God has me, in every way.

Instead of wishing away the life He has given me and hoping for something else, I will:

  • THANK Him for what He’s given me,
  • THANK Him for where He has me, and
  • THANK Him for the direction He will take me in.

I am in the business of bringing Him glory. 

1 Corinthians 8:6
1 Corinthians 8:6

2 thoughts on “In the Business

  1. Amen Sister! I feel as if I could have written this for my own life. All Glory to our Father. He will lead us to his desired destination. It will be interesting to find out exactly what that is. We are living is probably the most exciting time surpassed on to being alive when JESUS walked the earth. I would have loved to listen and follow. But I do believe that we will see some very exciting things, Exciting only if you are found in him, scary if not.

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