His Love is like Fire

his love is like fire

There are some blog posts that sit in my draft folder and take months of editing before they’re ready to be published.

Then there are some that you can’t wait a second longer to share with the world.

This one happens to be the second kind.

I have been driving my grandpa’s Cadillac for a few months now. I love that I have a little piece of him with me in my everyday life. My plan for the first part of my day was to go to work from 9am – 3pm and then go home. As the hours passed at the office, we realized it was a slow day. My boss decided that we were going to close the office at 1pm. My sister, Lindsey, had called me earlier that day and asked me to come pick her up from her friend Mary Margaret’s house before I went home after work. Although I was a little annoyed, I agreed. My boyfriend, Joel, had asked me to come meet him at the dog park after work also. When I got off work at 1:00, I decided to skip the dog park, pick my sister up so I could get home earlier.

I drove to pick Lindsey up as her and Mary Margaret were pulling up to the house at the same time I was. She informed me that she needed to get her bags inside their house so I went inside to talk with Mary Margaret’s family. Her dad was outside doing yard work and her mom, little sister and little brother were inside. I love them all so I had no problem going inside and waiting for her!

After being inside for 10 minutes, Mary Margaret’s dad, Mr. Burke, comes running inside yelling for me to give him my keys. He had a worried look on his face and I heard him mumble the word “smoke” as he ran back outside. Panicked, I followed him outside to find my grandpa’s car parked on the street with smoke billowing from the hood. Tears came to my eyes as I tried to calm myself down, thinking that it was just getting overheated. As Mr. Burke popped the hood, he said, “Oh no, we have a problem.” He screamed that there were leaves and debris under the hood that had caught on fire. Everything from that moment felt like a dream.

I stood there as if my feet were glued to the concrete. I wasn’t able to see flames yet but I didn’t know what to do. Call my dad? Call the fire department? Run inside and tell my sister? Stand there and cry? Help Mr. Burke? Call my mom? Call my boyfriend? Stand and watch to see what happens? As all this was going through my mind, in what felt like eternity (which was really like 8 seconds), the flames grew higher. Mr. Burke by this time was running to get the hose and a bucket. At the sight of the flames, I burst into tears and ran inside to try and formulate an understandable sentence to my sister and Mary Margaret’s mom, Mrs. Laura.

We all ran outside and watched as Mr. Burke put out the fire. I was trying to calm down but kept picturing my grandpa’s car burning to the ground. We called the Fire Department and as they were on their way, Mr. Burke put out the fire. Neighbors had come out to assist at this point as I finally got ahold of my dad and told him what happened. He was thankful that I was okay and told me he would come to look at the car. The firemen came and said the car was probably wasn’t drivable and to get it looked at. When my dad came, he decided the same thing. We discovered that it’s a fixable problem and were thankful that there wasn’t more damage done.

What BLEW my mind though, was everything else that was supposed to happen or could have happened today.

  1. If I would have gone to the dog park before I went to pick up my sister, it would have happened there. The fire would have spread too much before we caught it and created a worse problem.
  2. If I wouldn’t have even had to pick my sister up, I would have been driving down the interstate and it would have happened to me while I was by myself in the car.
  3. If Mr. Burke hadn’t been outside doing yard work (which he told me he never does) then he would not have caught it in time to put the fire out before it did more damage.

God was literally in control of all of this today. He had everything taken care of. If I was anywhere else today, it would have been a terrible, frightening situation that I would not have known how to deal with by myself. God really took care of me and all I could do was PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE Him for being my Faithful Protector.

At the end of this, what I felt most was His burning love for me.

I love the song, “Love Like Fire” by Hillsong. There’s a lyric that says, “His Love is like fire, it burns for all to see…”

All we could talk about after the chaos died down was His LOVE and CARE and PROTECTION that was displayed through this today. I am so thankful that I am safe. I am so thankful that the car will be okay. And I am so thankful for His love.


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