Mwen renmen Ayiti

I cannot believe it’s been over a month since I got back from Haiti and I still haven’t blogged about it. The end of my summer was a lot busier than the beginning of it.

Each time that I get the opportunity to share about my 2nd Haiti experience with someone, it reminds me that I need to blog about it and share it with the WORLD.

I would like to begin by saying how AMAZING our Great God is. He protected us in every way during our entire trip. We survived 2 flights there, the drive from Port-Au-Prince to Gressier, a week in Gressier, the drive from Gressier back to Port-Au-Prince and the 2 flights home! And for those of you who have been to Haiti…you’ll understand when I say that the scariest parts were the driving 😉

I knew this trip would be a lot different than my first trip. I was going with a different organization & I wasn’t going on a church mission trip (just with my sister & boyfriend).

My sister (Lindsey), my boyfriend (Joel) and I about ready to embark on our week-long journey!
My sister (Lindsey), my boyfriend (Joel) and I about ready to embark on our week-long journey!

Other than not feeling very well during the first set of flights & the car ride to Gressier, the journey there wasn’t terrible at all! We went with a non-profit called Love Your Neighbor (LYN), which was started by my friend, Alex Tupper. They do agricultural work in Haiti – really cool organization! The first day we arrived, Alex and his team took us to LYN’s model farm which is their 2nd project in Haiti. He showed us everything that they’ve been blessed to be able to do so far and how it all works!

LYN’s Model Farm
Alex showing us the seed beds, which are filled with tomatoes, onions and peppers.
Alex showing us the seed beds, which are filled with tomatoes, onions and peppers.
We got to work right away!
We got to work right away!

When we worked on the farm, we pulled weeds, sifted compost, made paths between the beds, and we even got to transplant the peppers at the end of the week because we got compost!! Praise the Lord!

This is what the peppers looked like at the end of the week after we transplanted them!! Such a cool process - blessed to be able to be a part of it!
This is what the peppers looked like at the end of the week after we transplanted them!! Such a cool process – blessed to be able to be a part of it!

Along with being able to work on the farm, we had the privilege of going to visit a school & painting 2 chalkboards for them. We met so many precious kids there & had so much fun blessing them with brand new chalkboards.

131 133 152 153

158 160

After going back 2 different days to paint chalkboards, the Director of the school asked if we wanted to come back on Saturday morning and have a Kid’s Club (VBS) for the children in the area. Although we weren’t prepared at all, we of course said YES! We had a children’s bible, a guitar and a love for these kids; that was more than enough for us to be able to pull this off!

When we walked in, there were tons of kids waiting for us!!
We read them the story of Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors.. with translating help from LYN’s Haitian Agronomist, Josue. 🙂

Joel played “Every Move I Make” on the guitar and we taught the kids the motions. They loved it! Since we didn’t have art supplies for a craft, we decided to go outside and play games. We played Simon Says & tag until we were all tired & sweating, which doesn’t take long in the Haitian heat.

255 264

We had a great time at this impromptu VBS. It was fun, silly and it was great to see the kids’ beautiful smiles. One of the coolest parts about it though, was what was happening OUTSIDE while Joel, Lindsey and I were playing with the kiddos. I didn’t hear about this until after we left…

While we were in the school, there was a woman named Venita, who had 5 kids at the VBS. She was brought to Alex by the wife of the man who owns the land that the LYN Model Farm is on, Betty. Tears filled Venita’s eyes as she told Alex her story. Basically, a VooDoo priest had poisoned her husband 3 days earlier. She had no money for food to feed her family, no money to send them to school, no money to bury her husband…  she tried to commit suicide and failed. She expressed that she had no hope. She could barely finish her story.

Alex got to share the gospel with her, and share a personal life experience to show he could relate with her in a way. They were presented with the opportunity to visit her house that afternoon with a local pastor. They told her about the importance of community and staying involved in church. Alex brought her 3 weeks worth of food and LYN is currently trying to get her kids sponsored. To read the detailed story of Venita, check out LYN’s blog by clicking HERE.

This is Venita, her father and her 5 children.

The rest of the Saturday was spent visiting old friends from my first trip with Respire Haiti & climbing Bellevue Mountain!


This mountain takes your breath away.
On of my favorite views.

We ended our week spending time with the team, seeing old friends & saying goodbye to Haiti.

Zanmi mwen, Beaufort!
Mwen manke Tachi anpil!

The four words that cross my mind every time I think about my Haiti trip are: THE LORD IS GOOD.

Praise God for raising the money and allowing us to go, for safe travels & protection,  for LYN and what God is doing down there through Alex and the team, for being able to learn more about farming and help transplant the peppers, for giving us the opportunity to paint 2 chalkboards for a school and to hold a VBS for over 100 kids, AND for allowing us to meet Venita, hear her story, share the gospel with her and help her family.


There is no doubt in my mind why the Lord had me return to Haiti. I knew that He would bring me back, it was just a matter of when. When my feet touched the ground there, I was reminded of my passion/love for that country. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO SUPPORTED US, PRAYERFULLY AND FINANCIALLY.

Will the Lord bring me back? I am not sure. I am excited to see where His plans take me throughout my life.

But no matter what, Haiti will always have a special place in my heart. 

Mwen renmen Ayiti.

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