Coast to Coast Central

I am beyond excited to announce that I am a new AMBASSADOR INTERN for Coast to Coast Central! What is Coast to Coast Central, you ask? I get that question a lot, and I [ L O V E ] answering it! Coast to Coast is a social enterprise that focuses on using fashion as a channel to inspire, challenge, and empower women.


If you’re on Instagram, that is their most popular social media platform. In just one year they have gained more than 6,100 followers. Many of their followers have been drawn to this company after hearing about their biweekly fashion challenges. On Monday and Wednesday evenings, be on the lookout for @c2c_central’s challenge on their Instagram! Follow the hashtag #coasttocoastchallenge on Tuesdays and Thursdays as girls from all over the country unite with one common love: fashion. And feel free to join in!!

This is exactly how I got involved with Coast to Coast. After seeing a friend’s Instagram post with #coasttocoastchallenge in the description, I was curious and clicked on the hashtag. I instantly fell in love with what I saw. To learn more about the company, I followed the blog posts on their website + read about their mission and vision. When I heard they were hiring, I knew in my heart that I had to apply.

One of my responsibilities as an Ambassador Intern is to put together a community service project on my college campus that benefits a very special cause: empowering women who have been rescued out of sex trafficking. As a company, they have partnered with an organization based in Quito, Ecuador, to build a rescue home for women who have been rescued out of the sex trade. The rescue home is called “Casa De Mis Sueños,” which means “House of My Dreams.” The project is being funded through the sales of “The Darling Necklace,” a glass vial filled with gold glitter that holds a small scroll inside that reads, “Darling, don’t be afraid to dream.”

You can order this necklace at:
You can order this necklace at:

I ordered one myself and absolutely love it! It really pulls an outfit together + is a great conversation starter. Fifty percent of the profit from the necklaces goes toward funding the rescue home. It’s such a wonderful reminder to never be afraid to chase your dreams.

I encourage you to check out their website, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram! Follow them! Like them! Participate in the fashion challenges! I am certain you will fall in love with Coast to Coast Central just as I did.

I absolutely [ A D O R E ] the Coast to Coast team. I feel so connected to the girls, even though we all live in different parts of the country. I am so blessed to have this internship and can’t wait to see how the Lord will use each of us to glorify Him with our different talents + abilities.


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