GOTR: Impacting Young Girls & Impacting Me

Walking through the glass doors into South Live Oak Elementary School, the smell hit me. It instantly took me back to my childhood. I felt like I was in third grade again, walking through Barry Elementary School. As I strolled through the colorfully decorated hallways, I was also walking down memory lane. My memories flooded back to me and I was immediately able to put myself in the shoes of the young girls I’m working with for Girls on the Run.

The media kit project I’m doing for my GOTR team intimidated me at first. I started to doubt if I really could effectively implement all the things I have learned in my college PR classes to the various aspects of this project. However, after meeting the welcoming coaches and sweet girls, I was so thankful for this team the Lord blessed me with. I honestly look forward to going to practices and being able to see the girls again. I choose not to believe the lies that the devil feeds me about not being good enough. God has me majoring in public relations on this incredible journey for a reason.

I have visited two GOTR practices so far and I am truly happy with my progress! The wonderful coaches make my job so easy and the girls LOVE being in front of the camera! I have no trouble getting the information I need to make this media kit wonderful for them!

My sweet team!
My sweet team!

Having the opportunity to  do work for a real client has gotten me thinking a lot about the future. It’s hard to believe I am a senior. It really feels like just yesterday I was taking my first steps onto LSU’s gorgeous campus. And sometimes it feels like just yesterday that I was taking my first steps into my elementary school. Time sure does fly.

I am so thankful that the Lord has me in a field of study that I am passionate about. This project has brought about feelings of excitement regarding my future post graduation. I can’t wait to see where the Lord takes me.

I am trusting Him with every step.


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