What Wedding Planning Has Reminded Me

Not even an hour after I was engaged I was presented with calendars, magazines, books + timelines. But it didn’t start there. Two years ago I got a Pinterest. Some of you know where I’m going with this. As I spent countless hours scrolling through Pinterest pictures over the past few years, I was bombarded with flower ideas, gorgeous dresses, over-the-top decor, huge wedding rings + venues that would make your heart melt.

I’ve been dreaming of my wedding day since I was 3. I couldn’t wait for the day to come where my sweetheart would get down on one knee and ask that I be his forever. Well, that day has gone and passed and I am now knee-deep in the middle of wedding planning.

The [best] day of my life!
The [best] day of my life!
While planning has been fun + exciting, it has also at times brought along challenges + stress. But, the good Lord has used this experience to teach me so much already. Here are three things I have learned.

1. The only thing I really want is to marry my best friend. 
In the middle of complaining to my mentor about venue frustrations she reminded me of this. “The only thing I really want is to get married at this place and it probably won’t happen!” I whined. She was quick respond. “Ashley, the only thing you really want is to marry Joel.” That shut me up. She was right. How was I letting this decision get to me so much? How was I allowing it to take away the joy of being engaged and preparing for our life together? That brings me to my next point.

2. Engagement is more than planning a wedding. 
On October 3, 2014, my fiancé and I will be married. But after 3 hours of a ceremony + celebrations, it will be over. I pray so deeply that I use these next 8 months to spend more energy preparing for our marriage than preparing for our wedding. I long to learn how I can best serve Joel as his wife. I look forward to marriage counseling sessions, digging in the Word together and reading books by people that have more experience than we do.

3. It’s a good idea to be open to His wedding plans more than mine. 
I am a planner, through and through. Anyone who knows me even the slightest bit can tell you that. When I picture something in my head, sometimes it is hard to remove it. When MY wedding plans have fallen through, I have been upset and questioned how it would ever come together. But the Lord has been SO faithful to remind me that His plans are far better than mine; for something as big as my life and for something as small as my wedding. He has provided ABOVE and BEYOND in the little details of this wedding. I feel his deep love for me so much through this process. Although I am so ready to get married (sometimes I wish it was tomorrow), I am truly enjoying this precious time with me and the Father. He is revealing many things to me.


I can’t wait to see what else He will teach me during these next 8 months of engagement.

I know I have a lot to learn. 


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