Praise the No’s

praise the nos

I don’t know about you, but when I think about sharing praises or praising God for something, what comes to mind is often answered prayers or things that I would consider “good.”

It’s like…

Praise God that I got into that school.
Praise God that my grandmother got healed.
Praise God that I did well on my science test.
…that the weather was perfect.
…that I slept well last night.
…that I’m feeling better.
…that I got that job I wanted.

And I could go on.

And He should be praised for those things, don’t get me wrong! He deserves all the praise in the world. But, not only when times are “good.”

What if you didn’t get accepted that school?
What if your grandmother wasn’t healed?
What if you got an F on your science test?
What if on a day that you prayed for sun, it poured?
What if you have had multiple restless nights?
What if your cold doesn’t go away?
What if you get an email saying you didn’t get that job?

Then what do you do? 

It matters how we respond.
God is good.
All the time.

Not just when He answers our prayers how we think they need to be answered. He sees the bigger picture.

And our closed doors or our “no’s” from God can be praised. What would it look like to offer praises to God despite the outcome of those situations? How would that speak to those around you? How would that affect your prayer life? How would that deepen your relationship with Christ? How would that change your perspective?

I dare you to try it. Praise the no’s. Praise Him in the midst of whatever is going on! Because He knows what is best and can see far beyond what we can.


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