As the fireworks welcomed in the new year, I decided not to write my usual list of New Years resolutions. If you know me, this is shocking. I am 100% a list maker. However, I did a devotional that encouraged readers to focus on one word for the whole year. Because, let’s be honest, it’s hard to keep up with an entire list.

I prayed about my one word for a while and felt like nothing was coming to me. Finally a few days into January, it hit me. I was running errands and this word popped into my head: constant. At the time, I didn’t necessarily understand why, but it stuck with me. Over the past few weeks, I have come to fully understand why the Lord gave me that word. I am currently in a huge season of change. I have been for quite some time, however, it has recently been overwhelming. Through this tough season, the Lord has been faithful to teach me a few things.

  1. Change is inevitable. We cannot stop it, as much as we often try. Moving. Job loss. Weddings. Babies. Graduations. Job promotions. Deaths. Bad news. New friends. Losing friends, etc. It all happens. Life strings together change after change to create your story. 
  2. Your words have power. During transitional periods, it’s easy to feel afraid, upset, confused and out-of-control. It’s even easier to speak negatively about your life.
  3. Jesus is constant. This is where my word comes into play. He never changes. It says in Hebrews that he is the same yesterday, today and forever. This beautiful truth brings me such comfort. I am thankful that we have someone constant to cling to in this ever-changing world.

So, I am focusing on the One who is Constant. There is a beautiful song by Steffany Gretzinger called Constant One. The lyrics say, “Constant One, endless is Your love, like a river can’t be stopped. You’re faithful. Constant One, who is like You, God? Your mercy’s like the sun, always rising over us.

If you’re in the midst of change and overwhelmed by it (like it is very easy to do), I encourage you to rest in the truth that Jesus is constant. Embrace the changes you’re experiencing because He is allowing you to go through them for a reason. He is teaching you something about Himself and something about yourself.

I also encourage you to pick a word. It doesn’t matter if January has passed. You can start something any time you like. Pray for the Lord to put a word on your heart that you need to focus on this year or in this season and watch how He works.


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